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Jordan Revoir 
Skincare & Lash Specialist 




Dermaplaning is a skin rejuvenation treatment using a surgical scalpel to gently scrape away dead cells and vellus hair (aka peach fuzz) from your skin’s surface because our esthetician uses a surgical grade scalpel rather than a razor for this treatment, the sloughing goes deeper than you’re able to achieve at home. 
The benefits are:
Brightening and evening skin tone
Creating a smoother texture
Diminishing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars

Unlike other exfoliating treatment options that may irritate sensitive skin or cause hyperpigmentation, dermaplaning is a viable exfoliating option for most skin types. 

Removing the vellus hair leads to a smoother makeup application.
Because the treatment removes the top layer of dead cells, it may also improve the absorption of skin-care products for up to 21 days—the approximate length of time it takes for a new layer of dead skin cells to accumulate.
Add Peel $145+

PowerDerm Kinetic Dermabrasion Treatment works by impressing a dense crystalline compound upon the skin with a “kinetic” force. With this, we achieve dramatic facial resurfacing, remodeling, and lifting
Kinetic PowerDerm is designed to give the skin organ a workout. Just like going to the gym 3-5 times per week. The more weeks and longer you workout, the greater the regeneration result.
The goal is to replace the entire Skin Organ with brand new cells over 18-24 treatments removing, replacing and filling it. Giving you the youngest look you could ever achieve.
ADD A PEEL $175+

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Christi Rendon
Skincare Specialist 
Rachel Maier
Skincare. Lash Specialist. Microblading Artist. Make up Artist 
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