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Laser Aesthetics
Laser Aesthetics
About Our Laser Aesthetics
Clear + Brilliant TOUCH represents the next generation of laser skin treatments. With the new TOUCH system, we can provide you with a more complete and personalized experience to improve the appearance of your skin, and combat early signs of aging. The original Clear + Brilliant system featured two separate headpieces optimized to treat different skin concerns. The new TOUCH device features revolutionary dual-wavelength technology to combine both treatments in one system.

Solta Medical, a division of Bausch Health, is a global leader in the medical aesthetics market. We deliver sophisticated technology in simple, elegant designs, providing true aesthetic and therapeutic benefits. For more than a decade, we’ve been developing innovative treatment technologies to provide proven and effective aesthetic care options to consumers and physicians alike. The Solta Medical portfolio includes the well-known brands Thermage® system, Fraxel® system, Clear + Brilliant® system, and VASERlipo® system, which collectively make up a comprehensive platform to address a range of aesthetic skin and body issues. More than two and a half million procedures have been performed with Solta Medical’s products around the world. Solta Medical is headquartered in Bothell, WA with field teams and regional offices in North Carolina, New Jersey and California.

Non-Ablative Laser Rejuvenation 
Whether you are looking to fight the signs of aging or you are being proactive by starting early, the Clear + Brilliant treatment is your answer. Great for ALL skin types and Men AND Women!

Starting at $399 / treatment 
Option to add on: neck/chest/hands for $99
For best and ongoing results, schedule yourself a Clear+Brilliant every three to four months. This annual package of three treatments will be $999 and to cover the additional areas if you desire is $1289 for the year!

No Surgery or Injections
Clear + Brilliant® is non-invasive – no cutting, no needles.

Series of Treatments
A series of Clear + Brilliant® treatments can leave your skin feeling smoother, younger-looking and give you that “radiant glow.”

Simple and Comfortable
Clear + Brilliant® treatments are quick and gentle.

Little to No Downtime
A fresh, youthful look without social downtime.

Noticeable Results
Routine treatments deliver noticeable results that keep others guessing your secret.



The First Non-Ablative Fractional Skin Resurfacing Treatment
Fraxel® Laser, non-ablative fractional skin resurfacing treatment

A noticeably younger look without surgery! Fraxel® treatment improves tone, texture and radiance for aging, sun-damaged or scarred skin. Fraxel® is for people who want to look younger without dramatic changes or extended downtime. Fraxel® is effective on: fine line and wrinkles, surface scarring, pigmentation/sun damage on hands, chest and face.

Fraxel® Treatments vary by desired area to be treated.
Fraxel® for the face only: $1299
Packages also available and price depending on treatment area(s). Most FRAXEL® clients schedule one treatment annually to keep the collagen stimulation for fresh, younger looking skin.

If this is your first FRAXEL® it may require two treatments for optimal results three months apart and this would be $1999

Specialized regions for treatment often need more than one treatment scheduled 4-6 weeks apart for optimal results.
Orbital/lip tightening, four treatments:
Orbital/lip tightening, six treatments:
Hand lightening, three treatments:
One time hyperpigmentation spot treatment:

No Surgery or Injections
Fraxel® is non-invasive – no cutting, no needles.

1 Single Treatment
Fraxel® is designed to create a younger-looking appearance in a single treament.

Integrated Cooling
Integrated cooling to help aid in patient comfort.

Minimal Downtime
Outstanding results without extended downtime.

Look Younger
Fraxel® is for people who want to look younger without dramatic changes.

An eye with lines and wrinkles
like crow’s feet and brow lines

A face with scars
helps improve acne scars and surgical scars

A hand with age spots
diminshing the appearance of age spots

A face showing before and after of sun damage
helping improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin

A shoulder showing Actinic Keratosis
treating a common skin condition